Teletext Games has appeared on channel number 103

A new MHEG service called Teletext Games has appeared on channel number 103. A reboot of your set top box is required in order to pick up this new service. As the name suggests, this will be a gaming service utilising MHEG capabilities – similar to how YooPlay Games used to work before it closed down. At present, there is no MHEG displaying on the new Teletext Games channel (or any other content for that matter). The service is rumoured to be launching in the New Year. More news as we get it.

First batch of Top Up TV Anytime boxes shipping by Christmas?

It is thought the first batch of Top Up TV Anytime boxes will finally be shipped by Christmas. It is thought these boxes will be sent out to people who signed up to the service before the 31st October. Any people who signed up after this date aren’t likely to get their boxes until the new year. Top Up TV Anytime has been testing on the 3 video streams on DTT for quite some time now, but no one has their DVR boxes yet. More news as we get it.

CBBC extended hours?

It is rumoured that the CBBC channel is to extend its hours – but maybe not on Freeview. This news is in the very early stages, so check back when we have more on this – if it develops into something. Media Guardian reports “Digital channel CBBC could be on air until 10pm under plans being considered by the BBC children’s controller, Richard Deverell.”

BBC Parliament relaunches as a full-screen service on Freeview

Updated: BBC Parliament has now changed to being full-screen on Freeview for the first time in Freeview history. Viewers will need to do a full rescan / factory reset of their channel list to pick up the new full-screen version – as the quarter-screen version is still broadcasting as well. The new full-screen channel can be found at channel 81 after a rescan of your box, and the old quarter-screen version (complete with an updated MHEG explaining it’s now available full screen if you rescan) is still available – on channel 305. This is temporary until it is thought further BBC News Multiscreens will launch very early next year. The new full-screen service includes the same red button functionality as the other BBC channels.

Link of interest – BBC News Website