Further changes to the Top Up TV channel lineup

There are some additional changes on the way in February. Last year – around the time Top Up TV Anytime launched – the existing “linear” channel lineup (the “live” channels) was changed, to make way for the new Anytime service – as Top Up TV Anytime needed to use some of the existing space for that new service. This largely meant reduced hours for the “live” channels, and the space gained from that was put towards allowing for downloads overnight on Top Up TV Anytime to DTR boxes. There will now be further changes to the “linear” (or “live”) channel lineup. The new hours will be as follows;

UKTV Gold will run from 4pm to 1am
UKTV Style will run from 1pm to 4pm
British Eurosport will run from 7.30am to 10am
TCM will run from 7pm to 1am

A page on the official Top Up TV website confirms those new times.

Therefore, it might mean channels such as Discovery, Discovery RealTime and Cartoon Network will no longer broadcast on the linear channel lineup. This could be to make room for Setanta Sports to launch some time this year.

More news as we get it.

Source for channel lineup changes – www.topup.tv/current.html

BBC News Multiscreens – Additional video streams testing on Freeview (channel 302)

Two additional quarter-screen video streams have been testing on channel 302 – in place of where the quarter-screen BBC Parliament video used to be. The two streams will be in addition to the existing two multiscreens. It’s not known when this improved service will launch, but it is rumoured to be coming at some time this month (January). A new MHEG overlay is expected in order to include these two new streams. BBC Parliament went full screen back in November 2005, and the original quarter-screen version was removed earlier this month. More news as we get it.

Quarter-screen BBC Parliament removed

The quarter-screen version of BBC Parliament on channel number 305 has been removed. A full screen version of BBC Parliament has been available on Freeview for some time now – and they have now removed the old quarter-screen version. It is thought the space that was previously used for the quarter-screen service will be used to launch additional BBC News Multiscreens. More news as we get it.