Setanta Sports 1 has launched

Setanta Sports 1 has launched on Digital Terrestrial as a full channel – available by paying a monthly subscription fee of £10.99 a month. The new channel launched on Digital Terrestrial on the 1st March. You will need a set top box with a slot or a CAM in order to use the service, as a viewing card is required to unlock the channel. The new channel is on channel 34 on Digital Terrestrial – which is the same channel number pay-per-view Setanta Sports used to be available on. The channel in the EPG is still called “SETANTA SPORTS”, but it is now actually Setanta Sports 1. Setanta Sports 1 will be showing sporting action from live Premiership football matches, US PGA TOUR Golf, SPL matches, European football, Serie A, Bundesliga, Le Championnat, Portuguese and Dutch Division 1. More information on the new service is available at and at Wikipedia. You will need to rescan your set top boxes (probably doing a full rescan and not just an Add Channels) in order to pick up the frequencies for channel 34. The new channel broadcasts from 12pm to 3am every day. In other news, the Top Up TV channels that were taken off the “linear” channel lineup have now had their placeholders removed from the EPG (and the Top Up TV Promo has closed down and has also been removed). If you rescan your set top box (full scan), you will notice channels such as the Top Up TV Promo, Discovery and Cartoon Network have gone.