Sky Movies rebrand

The Sky Movie channels on Virgin Media EPG have been renamed to coincide with the Sky Movies rebranding. All Sky Movie channels will now require viewers to press the red button and enter a PIN number every time they want to watch any of them – due to them now showing age rated films before the watershed (Sky Family doesn’t seem to need a PIN though). A couple of the channels bring up the PIN entry prompt automatically, whereas the rest show a prompt asking you to press the red button for the PIN box to appear. The downside to having to enter the PIN number for the Sky Movie channels are, now, you cannot bring up the programme information box via the “i” button to find out more about the film you’re watching – the “i” button only works if you press TV to come out of the film, then press “i” for programme information, then – when done – press red again and re-enter your PIN to continue watching the film. (This is the case on my ex-NTL EPG software anyway). Sky Movies 9 remains on the EPG with a “ceased broadcasting” message.