More Freeview viewers than Sky customers

More homes are now watching Freeview, than those subscribing to Sky, according to a new report. There are (as of the end of March 2007) 8.2 million homes using Freeview on a main TV, whereas Sky only has (as of the end of March 2007) about 8 million subscribers, with Virgin Media having about 3 million subscribers. If you include other TVs in homes that have Freeview, this adds up to 11 million in total (primary and secondary televisions combined). Freeview General Manager, Cary Wakefield says – on the official DTG website – “Over the past four and a half years, Freeview has gone from zero to being the nation’s favourite digitial TV provider”. They have also announced the new Freeview Playback devices, and the official DTG website predicts “more than 10m Freeview Playback devices would be sold by 2010?. More news is available on the official DTG website.