Channels extending hours

According to reports, Five Life and the CBBC Channel will both be extending their hours. Five Life will be running until midnight (instead of 11pm) and the CBBC Channel will probably extend to 9pm (instead of 7pm). It’s not known if these changes will occur on Freeview or just on the other platforms they’re on – as it would have knock-on effects on Freeview. For example, the CBBC Channel timeshares with BBC THREE’s bandwidth on DTT, so it would mean either BBC THREE would have to change its hours to start at 9pm instead of 7pm, or they would have to do some changes to their channel space on the DTT platform. Five Life has a similiar issue – whereby Television X shares with Five Life on DTT (Television X starts at 11pm when Five Life ends at the moment). More info is available at Broadcast Now.