Channel changes

Some channel changes on the Virgin Media platform have taken place. More 4 +1 on channel 143 has closed down on cable, and now displays an information slide telling people Channel 4 +1 launches on the 20th August. Paramount +1 has launched on channel 133. Paramount 2 has moved to channel 134. Nick Jr 2 has also appeared on channel 716. Customers may need to reboot their set top boxes for these changes to show correctly.

2 thoughts on “Channel changes”

  1. I believe they’ve decided to remove More 4 +1 so they didn’t have to wait for a new licence (there’s a big backlog for channel licences on Virgin Media I think). Therefore, if they are just replacing a channel on the platform, it means they can use the same licence. More 4 +1 never used to be available in ex-Telewest areas. No news on other changes at the moment – Virgin 1 launches soon.

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