Updated – Channel 4 +1 and other changes

Channel 4 +1 has launched on Virgin Media (and Sky) as planned today. It replaces Channel 4 +1 on the cable platform (channel 143), and will replace Film 4 +1 on Freeview. The Freeview change is expected to happen at 1pm today. Channel 4 will also be reshuffling all their channels on Freeview, and there’s also some speculation the ITV channels will be reshuffled as well. Also, on Virgin Media, the ex-BBC News 24 channel has been removed from the EPG following the channel number change a while back. Update – Channel 4 +1 now shows up on Freeview. If you rescan your box you should now see the lineup as follows (due to the Channel 4 reshuffle which has also taken place) – ITV2 on channel 6, ITV3 on channel 10, Channel 4 +1 on channel 13, More 4 on channel 14, ITV4 on channel 28, E4 on channel 29, E4 +1 on channel 30, ITV2 +1 on channel 31, and Film 4 on channel 32. Film 4 +1 no longer airs on Freeview. The speculated ITV channel reshuffle on Freeview hasn’t happened (yet).