Confirmed – ABC1 to close

It has been confirmed – following the rumours earlier this week – that ABC1 will cease broadcasting next month. It will be pulled from all platforms – not just Freeview. It’s not known what will be put in its place on the Freeview platform – there’s speculation they may put on one of the Disney Channels (Playhouse Disney or something similar), or – of course – they could sell their slot to someone else (as we mentioned before, UKTV Bright Ideas could move to the ABC1 slot, freeing up their 12 hours on the current slot that could be used for Virgin 1 – as the UKTV Bright Ideas current slot and Ftn use the same feed – so they could merge those as one channel and Virgin 1 can be 24 hours on Freeview).

4 thoughts on “Confirmed – ABC1 to close”

  1. I agree with Joe.

    ABC1 was by far one of the best channels.

    I will miss Hope and Faith and 8 Simple Rules, not to mention Home Improvement. As far as I know, no other channel broadcasts them on Virgin Media so there isn’t really a chance of me watching them now 🙁


  2. ahh,
    ilove ABC1 it was incredable,
    it sooo boring without it!

    please, so many people watched it!
    i loved hope+faith and 8 simple rules,
    wasnt to kean on scrubs, but got used to it!


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