Sky Movies reshuffle

The Sky Movie channels are now on the following channel numbers on Virgin Media, following the reshuffle;

401 – Sky Movies Premiere (PIN-protected)
402 – Sky Movies Premiere +1 (PIN-protected)
403 – Sky Movies Comedy (PIN-protected)
404 – Sky Movies Action (PIN-protected)
405 – Sky Movies Family (not PIN-protected)
406 – Sky Movies Drama (PIN-protected)
407 – Sky Movies Sci-Fi (PIN-protected)
408 – Sky Movies Classics (PIN-protected)
409 – Sky Movies Modern Greats (PIN-protected)
410 – Sky Movies Indie (PIN-protected)
411 – Sky Movies SD 1 (PIN-protected)
412 – Sky Movies SD 2 (PIN-protected)

Setanta Sports News launches this Thursday

A reminder the new Setanta and Virgin Media joint venture channel – Setanta Sports News – launching this coming Thursday (29th) on Virgin Media channel 518. Content will be similar to Sky Sports News which was removed from the Virgin Media channel lineup (along with the other Sky basic channels) earlier this year, following price negotiation disputes for renewal of the Sky basics. The new channel will also be available free-to-air on digital satellite. Setanta Sports News is currently testing (hidden) on some ex-NTL set top boxes.

Disney Channel coming to ‘Picnic’ if approved

If Sky’s proposed DTT pay TV service gets the go-ahead, Sky have announced a new channel that will be on the lineup – the Disney Channel. This adds to the existing proposed lineup of one Sky Movies channel, one Sky Sports channel, Sky One and Sky News (none of these are 100% confirmed). The Disney Channel on the proposed DTT pay TV offering ‘Picnic’ will be a new channel consisting of the best of the other Disney channels that appear on the Sky and Virgin Media channel lineups. It’s thought this channel would air from 6am-6pm (the same hours as ABC1 used to occupy on the DTT platform before it closed down). Ofcom are still undecided on whether to approve the ‘Picnic’ service or not. Watch this space.

New ‘Dmax’ channel from Discovery launching January

A new channel from the Discovery Network will be launching on Virgin Media (and Sky) on the 8th January 2008. The new channel will be called Dmax. Dmax will be available on Virgin Media channel 197 from launch. Dmax 2 is also thought to be launching in the near future but it’s not confirmed whether this will appear on Virgin Media.

New content for Top Up TV Anytime

Four new providers will be added to the Top Up TV Anytime service by the end of this month. The new programming will be from the Sci-Fi Channel, the History Channel, the Crime And Investigation Network and one other provider yet to be confirmed (that provider possibly might not be added in November). This has been made possible through the re-jigging of the download schedule – including the new space that used to be occupied by Teachers’ TV before that changed its broadcast hours.

Ex-Telewest areas reshuffle complete

The channel reshuffle for ex-Telewest areas is now complete – all channels on both ex-NTL and ex-Telewest areas now have the same channel numbers, and consistent lineups. A few channels are still only available on ex-Telewest (or only available on ex-NTL) though. In other Virgin Media news, the additional Discovery and National Geographic content has been added to On Demand (in TV Choice).