ITV4 to broadcast 24 hours a day from February

ITV4 will broadcast 24 hours a day from the 6th February, according to recent TV listings on the Radio Times website. It’s unclear whether this will be on all platforms, or just Virgin Media and Sky. Due to bandwidth limitations on Freeview, it could mean the hours stay the same on that platform (CITV currently timeshares with the channel on Freeview). However, it is rumoured ITV4 might take the full 24 hour slot on Freeview so it no longer timeshares with CITV, and that CITV may move to the old ABC1 slot (6am to 6pm). Alternatively, ITV4 could take ITV2 +1’s 24 hour slot, and ITV2 +1 could move onto ITV4’s current slot, with CITV running for the remainder of the time. Lots of possibilites – watch this space for more updates.