Wales – CITV channel from the 5th February

The CITV channel will no longer be available for Freeview viewers in Wales from the 5th February, because ITV4 is going to be broadcast 24 hours and CITV is changing slots to airtime that’s not available in Wales due to regional channels broadcasting in that area. The official Freeview website says “if you live in Wales or do not have the full Freeview channel line-up, unfortunately you may not be able to receive CITV after this date”.

6th February update – CITV channel is no longer available in Wales from today, and ITV4 is now 24 hours (also 24 hours on Virgin Media)

5 thoughts on “Wales – CITV channel from the 5th February”

  1. no itv childrens tv from febuary in wales
    why do they have to use the old abc1 chanel slot is there no more slots avaible. dont go citv
    freesat box will trhat have citv when it is lanched in march

  2. just did a retune and foun here in wales it has moved to chanell 800
    is this perminent or will it change again
    hope we dont lose the chanel altogether

  3. Thanks for not send out a warning because my child just turned on the tv to watch his fave program and there is not CITV Channel. What is he supposed to watch now?

  4. Entertainment Interactive is not an official Freeview website and we have no connections with Freeview, Top Up TV or Virgin Media – or any other organisation.

    For CITV questions, please email ITV directly through their website.

    Freesat – Unfortunately, I don’t know if CITV will be available on Freesat when it launches. You will need to check with Freesat directly.

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