BBC iPlayer confirmed for May launch on Virgin TV

BBC iPlayer will now be launching in May according to an official page on the Virgin Media website. It says “from May you can tune to any BBC TV channel and press the red button on your Virgin Media remote to watch the best BBC programmes from the last 7 days” and we’ll be able to “choose from over 250 hours of BBC TV, selected and saved from the last 7 days”. To begin with, it says the service will be available via the red button from any BBC channel, and it will be added to Catch Up TV On Demand “soon after it launches through the red button”. There will be a lot more content available – Virgin Media say “there’s about 50 hours of BBC shows in Catch Up TV on demand right now. When iPlayer launches in Catch Up TV on demand the BBC folder will be renamed BBC iPlayer and instead of having 50 hours of BBC shows to watch there will be over 250 hours”. Read more on the official Virgin Media website.