Virgin Media rolls out set top box update

Updates are rolling out to Virgin Media set top boxes at the moment. These updates are for standard set top boxes (the ‘V’ boxes) – ‘V+’ boxes got upgraded a while back. The application version my set top box is now running is ‘13.100.1_ukcable’ (ex-NTL area). To get the update, you should just need to turn your set top box off at the wall socket and then power it back up. A message should come up on the screen saying it’s updating itself. As Virgin Media usually stagger the release of updates between regions, the update may not be available in your area yet. The update appears to add the following;

– When you switch subtitles on and off from the mini guide bar it prompts you to make sure you want to turn the subtitles on/off

– This update seems to convert all the channels that were originally using analogue (888) subtitles to the digital format (so they are selectable from the Subtitles option on the mini guide bar

– Reminders can now be unset via the OK button with the mini guide bar up

– The programme information popup is much bigger giving more room to fit in long programme descriptions and names

– If you hold the power button in on the front of the set top box, it will restart the box (you no longer need to switch it off by the wall to restart it)

– It seems to flick through the channels faster when using the left and right arrows

– All the menus (including iPlayer via the red button on any BBC channel) just seem to load quicker

One thought on “Virgin Media rolls out set top box update”

  1. Thanks for the info about update. Just rebooted my box because TV on demand menus locked up…. as usual, and the update started. Freaked out to start with because the on screen message and messages on the front of the box didn’t look like any update we have had before, but it all worked out and the menus definately seem to be quicker. So looks like update rolled out in Gateshead.

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