‘Rabbit’ has launched

The new interactive dating & chat service from Teletext – ‘Rabbit’ – has launched on Freeview channel 102. The channel used to be home to Teletext Cars but was renamed to ‘Rabbit’ on the EPG recently. The ‘Rabbit’ service has now launched. The service enables viewers to text in and get their messages put on-screen and also allows them to send in pictures of themselves & have them displayed on the channel. ‘Rabbit’ is very much like one of those Sky dating channels. It’s all done using MHEG technology so it’s quite impressive what features it has when you think it’s only an MHEG application.

One thought on “‘Rabbit’ has launched”

  1. Everyone who texts in to this channel should be banned from using a phone until they are mature enough to use one. “NE1 4 cht? L0Lz!” Really, this makes me ashamed to share a country with these idiots.

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