The Jewellery Channel ceases broadcasting on Freeview

The Jewellery Channel on Freeview channel 44 has ceased broadcasting. It had been available on Freeview for the past six months. Channel 44 is now just a placeholder. It’s not known what (if anything) will replace the channel. One popular view is that Nuts TV could take the additional space and start broadcasting at 7pm every evening. The Jewellery Channel remains broadcasting as normal on other platforms and is also available on Five US in the mornings.

3 thoughts on “The Jewellery Channel ceases broadcasting on Freeview”

  1. Thanks for posting this – I was wondering what had suddenly happened so that I could no longer get this channel. It was easy viewing after a hard day at work, so I’ll miss it, but if they don’t want my money that’s up to them.

  2. Hi Are there any future plans to have the Jewellery Channel
    broadcasting on Freeview – I work during the day so the only opportunity I get is to watch on a Saturday or Sunday morning which is not always convenient?

    Thanks and regards

    Linda Robson

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