BBC Alba to launch

The new Gaelic TV channel from the BBC will launch on cable and Sky on the 19th September and will be available throughout the country on those services. The channel will also be available on Freeview in Scotland only once digital switchover is completed and if the BBC Trust gives the go ahead for it to launch on Freeview in Scotland. BBC Alba will show entertainment programmes, documentaries, sport, kids programmes, news, dramas and more.

4 thoughts on “BBC Alba to launch”

  1. Its not available on Virgin and they don’t know when it will be just phoned them. If you want this channel get freesat. I think they have just convinced me !

  2. will any of them be Alba though. As a fan of scottish football and it looks like it has decent coverage. Virgin give you a great deal for the first year and then its more expensive than sky. There broadband is good but the price of there TV package is more expensive than sky. One channel I really want and they don’t have it at launch even though they mention it on their site. Whats the hold up? they are quick enough to stick a load of crap channels on. Can we expect further new BBC channels to not be available ?

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