UKTV channel changes today

The changes to the UKTV channel lineup have taken place today.

Virgin TV: Watch is available on channel 124, Watch +1 is on channel 125, GOLD (the new name for UKTV Gold) on channel 126 and GOLD +1 is available on channel 127. Watch (and Watch +1) is only available in the XL package. Dave has moved to channel 128 and Dave +1 has moved to channel 129. Alibi (the new name for UKTV Drama) is on channel 130 and Alibi +1 is on channel 131. UKTV History +1 (from channel 204) and UKTV Documentary +1 (from channel 209) are both no longer available on Virgin TV.

Top Up TV: UKTV Gold is now broadcasting the new GOLD.

Post updated 8th October.

5 thoughts on “UKTV channel changes today”

  1. It was removed to allow the new Watch channel to launch (that is the rumoured reason anyway).

    This could be down to space issues on the Virgin TV platform or it could just be because their UKTV contract only allows them to carry a certain number of UKTV channels.

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