Deutsche Welle removed from Virgin TV

Virgin Media TV customers living in ex-Telewest areas of the network will notice Deutsche Welle and Deutsche Welle Radio have been removed from the lineup. Deutsche Welle and Deutsche Welle Radio have never been available in ex-NTL areas of the Virgin Media TV network. The removal of these channels in ex-Telewest areas is part of Virgin’s plan to make the channel lineups in all areas the same by either adding or removing channels that aren’t available everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Deutsche Welle removed from Virgin TV”

  1. Thanx a LOT Virgin, I used to watch that channel, they were MILES better than the “USA is god” bias of BBC News.

  2. Yes, totally agree. It was a pleasure to be treated as an adult, not an 8-year old child as the BBC does. I may now switch from Virgin Media to satellite.

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