Price Drop TV to leave Freeview in January

It has been announced that Price Drop TV – the shopping channel – will leave the Freeview platform in early January. Their Freeview contract will expire on the 5th January and they will not be renewing it. Price Drop TV’s sister channel Bid TV will remain on Freeview. Sit-Up – owners of Bid TV and Price Drop TV – was outbid on one of its channel slots earlier this year but they have been mulling over their options since then to decide what to do. They have decided to remove Price Drop TV from Freeview. Price Drop TV will continue on other platforms such as Virgin Media and Sky.

2 thoughts on “Price Drop TV to leave Freeview in January”

  1. How can you say good….?

    Sky charge alot of money for 3 monthly repeats i would never even think of paying them to going on £50 a month (what ever the cost is now) just to watch repeats every 3 months.

    At least with freeview i don’t have to pay – Everyone already has to pay for the TV LIC to BBC……..

    Never mind will have to lok for items on Bid TV although always foudn the best on price drop.

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