New channel Quest added and Price-Drop TV removed

The new channel from Discovery called Quest now has a placeholder on the Freeview EPG at channel 47. It’s not known yet what date Quest will start broadcasting from as the programme information just says “coming soon”. The channel may not stay at channel 47 but this is to be confirmed at a later date.

Also, Price-Drop TV (which used to be on channel 24) has been removed from Freeview. Price-Drop TV’s owners Sit-Up were outbid on one of its channel slots earlier this year and decided to remove Price-Drop TV from the Freeview platform (it continues to broadcast on cable and Sky).

30 thoughts on “New channel Quest added and Price-Drop TV removed”

  1. There’s no official start date for Quest as far as I know. But it is meant to be launching in the first quarter of this year the last time I heard anything.

  2. Quest is from the makers of the Discovery Channel, so likely to be documentary-oriented. I work in media and have been told by a reliable source that it will probably broadcast every day between around 6am and 6pm, i.e. similar hours to the current schedule kept by UKTV History. We call these Half-Day Channels. Hope this helps… 🙂

  3. Judging by the screen that appears Im guessing its going to be a More4 type channel, which is no bad thing.

  4. Quest will be on air 10am-midnight every day.

    From midnight through to 10am, Discovery (who own Quest) will sell off that space to a third-party broadcaster.

    So it may be Teleshopping or something more exciting.

    Keep checking our homepage for more news as we get it.

  5. what a tragic shame,although not a shock,after all the wait the listings for quest are out and what does this supposed ‘great new and informative channel’ show us? repeats of 1970’s shows like ironside and mission impossible,endless drivel like wheeler dealers from the early part of this decade and some crap about fishing,what a complete and utter disppointment,i don’t expect a free channel to show the cream of subscription channels like discovery but they could have more effort than ironside for gods sake,what a complete waste of time and effort!

  6. Well got to say very disapointed.
    Why run the build up to the launch if your not going to launch.
    There I sat watchiung the countdown to a free Discovery channel, to see it instantly fail.
    As for giving them a second chance? not a chance76 the above states, the listings suck.
    Goodbye Quest as Alan Sugar might say “Your a waste of space”

  7. My God whats happened I’m stearing the screen, saw a trailer at 7 am, it’s now 10.30 am. Where are the programs has the launched failed??

  8. Just another bunch of carrot danglers. Even if the channel does launch what a load of tripe it will be. Needless to say, I have deleted from my listings. So long Quest !!

  9. I would like to know have quest got a new date 4 a to be launched.What Alan Sugar might are fired

  10. Any new channel is welcome ..Good luck to Quest Hope they are on the air soon ..Should we not at least give them a chance before we begin to be critical ..Thank goodness it is not another mind numbing shopping channel for the weak willed ‘Goggle box watchers’

  11. Tony Blairs’ vision of digital TV has turned out to be another of his dissapointing legacies. Full of repeats, looped programmes, ‘SMTV’ i.e.Send Money TV, gambling and being able to see the same rubbish 2 or 3 times on the trot. I’m fed up of 3 minutes of adverts appearing just 8 minutes into most programmes. There is not one innovative channel so I was keen to see that Quest was announced only to be withdrawn on the day! What a let down again. Free View- of course it is- No-one with an IQ into double figures would consider paying.

  12. As others have said on here regarding Quest, Why do we need another channel showing old outdated repeated to death programmes ITV and BBC are doing quite well with that ! If Quest can’t launch just take away thier slot and qive it to Bid up Tv ! at least it would be better than watching a comming soon place holder ! Freeview seems to be going nowhere ! far better off putting up a dish and going with Freesat more channels more choice! as for Freeviews Topup anytime… paying for old repeat programmes I think not !.

  13. Quest…at the heart of the action…or not? Freeview most desperately needs a decent, factual channel now that the BBC can no longer tackle anything that requires thought. As for the others……

  14. More to the point i would far rather see a place holder than a darn sales channel it’s just a pity something has scuppered the launch as for the repeats thing well as far as i am concerned IF a channel advertises on freeview then they should be forced to broadcast on freeview ie advertise sky1 then sky1 must be on freeview same with bravo and discovery and any other channel some may not approve of the idea personally i could give a hoot (not)

  15. Quest was due to launch on 14 May 09 (in my area at least,-Midlands), as we all know, this has not happened!
    It will most likely be full of repeats which is OK as long as they show the complete series, most digital channels seem to repeat a handful of episodes over and over often 2 or 3 times in one day and those ads – every break the same old brainwashing ads!
    Still, GOLD are no better and you have to pay extra for it!

  16. Thank you for a great TV channel, it’s a breath of fresh air I hope it remains a Freeview channel. What happened to build a bike/4×4, it’s the best programme on TV, I hope you will be showing more bike rebuilds.

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