UKTV History rebrand date confirmed

The date for the rebrand of UKTV History to Yesterday has been confirmed. In a press release from UKTV they say “following the successful rebrand of UKTV’s entertainment portfolio as Dave, G.O.L.D., Watch and Alibi, UKTV will launch its third rebranded factual channel Yesterday on Monday 2nd March, following Eden and Blighty’s launches on 26th January and 17th February 2009 respectively. The final wave of the network’s ambitious rebrand to create a portfolio of multiplatform brands will be completed in Q2 2009 with the re-launch of its lifestyle offerings”. UKTV History (soon to be Yesterday) is available on Freeview, Virgin Media and Sky.

Dave +1 becomes Dave Ja Vu

As planned, Dave +1 has rebranded as Dave Ja Vu. In a press release from UKTV they say “Dave ja vu will replace Dave +1 on all platforms… and so is available to view in 17.5 million homes nationwide via Freeview, Sky Digital and Virgin Cable. Also in the press release, Dave’s Channel Head Steve North says “renaming our +1 service Dave ja vu will help bolster the already successful Dave brand further while appealing to our target audience of 16-34 year old male viewers, who are sure to get the joke”. Freeview customers may need to carry out a rescan on their box to pick up the new channel name. Dave and Dave Ja Vu are available on Freeview, Virgin Media and Sky.

Freeview channel reshuffle tomorrow

There will be a mini Freeview channel reshuffle for ITV-owned and Channel 4-owned channels tomorrow (24th February). The official Freeview website is reporting ITV4 is moving from channel 28 to 24, CITV is moving from channel 75 to 72, ITV2 +1 is moving from channel 31 to 27, E4 is moving from channel 29 to 28 and E4 +1 is moving from channel 30 to 29.

You will need to rescan your Freeview box to pick up the channel number changes (please note you will probably need to carry out a full rescan and not just an “Add Channels” scan).

Five puts in a bid for Freeview HD slot

Media website Digital Spy is reporting Five have put in a bid for one of the Freeview HD slots. They say “the proposed service would offer an HD simulcast of Five between 5pm and 1am each day, followed by five hours of other services, such as VOD, for use by Five and other broadcasters… the 6am-5pm window would be licensed out to a third-party HD broadcaster”.

If the bid is successful, the HD service from Five is expected to launch in late 2010. Click here for more details at Digital Spy.

Film4 hours to be extended

Film4’s broadcasting hours will be extended so the channel will now start at 11am daily. This will give them two extra hours a day. The change will happen in March. As Film4 currently timeshares with Gems TV on Freeview it’s not known what effect this will have on Gems TV’s broadcast hours. It’s thought Channel 4’s decision to add 2 hours to Film4’s hours is has been made to boost their submission for one of the HD slots on Freeview to show they are committed to the channel. Film4’s hours will be extended on Virgin Media as well.

Dave +1 to become Dave Ja Vu

Those crazy cats at UKTV have been at it again – Dave +1 will rebrand as Dave Ja Vu (like deja vu – get it?) tomorrow. You will need to rescan your Freeview box to pick up the new channel name tomorrow. Virgin Media customers will see the change happen automatically.

Quest to launch on 14th May

Quest (the new channel from Discovery) will launch on the 14th May at 10am. The channel will be available on Freeview channel 47 and will air the best of its entertainment, lifestyle and factual programmes from other Discovery channels. Quest is exclusive to Freeview at the moment, but this may change as they are in talks with other platforms (such as Virgin Media) to get the channel added there. A basic official website is now available at