More UKTV rebrands confirmed

Following on from the successful rebrands of many of UKTV’s other channels, UKTV Style will soon be rebranded as Home and UKTV Gardens will become Really. The UKTV Style rebrand to Home will come on the 30th April and the UKTV Gardens rebrand to Really will happen on the 19th May.

Brand Republic reports “Home will only focus on homes and gardening-related programming… gardening content that was previously on UKTV Gardens will be absorbed into Home” and Really will have “a range of programming such as The Baby Borrowers and Farm of Fussy Eaters”.

UKTV Style is available on Virgin Media, Sky and Top Up TV. UKTV Gardens is available on Virgin Media and Sky.

Following the UKTV Style and UKTV Gardens rebrand, there will just be one “UKTV” pre-fixed channel name remaining – UKTV Food. UKTV Food is expected to rebrand soon. UKTV’s online service UKTV Homes is also expected to change its name soon.

Trouble to end 1st April

It has been confirmed on Broadcast Now’s website that Virgin Media-owned Trouble will close down on all platforms on the 1st April.

It will be replaced with a new LIVING channel later this year, which will give them three channels in the brand as well as the timeshift versions.

Trouble will be replaced with LIVING +2 in the interim (a two-hour timeshift version of the main LIVING channel) until the new LIVING channel launches.

In the Broadcast Now article, Virgin Media Television managing director Jonathan Webb says their “strategy this year is to consolidate our portfolio”.

LIVING 2 will also be overhauled later this year.

Sci-Fi Channel to rebrand as Syfy

Sci-Fi Channel will be rebranded to Syfy soon. The channel will change its name in the US on the 7th July, and the new name will be rolled out around the world later this year. Media Week reports “each country will have a unique approach to the rebrand and will plan the marketing and name change with local partners and affiliates”.

Partyland appears on channel 50

A new channel called Partyland has appeared on Freeview channel 50. The Ofcom licence page for the channel says it’s owned by Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd, so it may broadcast during Five USA’s downtime overnight. The channel is currently not broadcasting anything, but is expected to include phone-in programmes similar to Smile TV. Watch this space for more information.

Virgin are “working on” getting more HD

Virgin Media have said they are “working on” getting more HD content on their TV service. In a post on the official Virgin Media profile on Twitter, they say “we are working on HD including VOD and channels” but that “until the deals are done we can’t announce, but hope to soon”. Several linear HD channels were said to be launching on Virgin when Virgin Media executive Neil Berkett said (back in December) “getting access to HD was problematic” but this had “changed over the last 18 months” Click here to view Virgin Media’s profile on Twitter and follow them.