Virgin1 to broadcast 24 hours; Virgin1 +1 to launch

Virgin 1 will broadcast 24 hours a day on Freeview from the 20th May, as it has acquired a new 24-hour slot on the Freeview platform. It will move from Mux D to the new 24-hour slot on Mux A. You may need to rescan your set top box to pick up Virgin1 from the 20th May.

Also, Virgin1 +1 will launch on Freeview (channel number to be confirmed). Virgin1 +1 will take Virgin1’s current 12-hour slot (so will probably broadcast on Freeview from 6pm onwards every day).

Paramount Comedy becomes Comedy Central

Paramount Comedy has been rebranded as Comedy Central today.

Paramount Comedy 1 has become Comedy Central (channel 132), Paramount Comedy +1 has become Comedy Central +1 (channel 133) and Paramount Comedy 2 has become Comedy Central Extra (channel 134).

Comedy Central is free for all Virgin TV customers until the 4th May.

Click here to visit the official Comedy Central UK website.

CNN extends Freeview hours

CNN has extended its broadcasting hours on Freeview so it now airs from 7pm through to midnight every day. CNN used to air on Freeview between 9pm and 1am. The move to more favourable broadcast times comes after GemsTV1 (which used to be on Freeview 7pm-9pm daily) left Freeview this month. Channel 84 – home of CNN on Freeview – airs Super Casino gambling from midnight to 2am.

GemsTV1 on channel 44 leaves Freeview

GemsTV1 is no longer on Freeview channel 44. You will need to rescan you box (a full rescan) to remove the channel placeholder. The channel used to air 7pm-9pm daily. Gems TV programming will however now also be shown on Netplay TV on Freeview channel 49 from 4pm to 9pm daily, and Gems TV is still available on channel 43 from 9.45am to 12.45pm daily.

Trouble removed – replaced with LIVING +2

Trouble has closed down on all TV platforms. Virgin Media Television have decided to remove the channel and replace it with a new LIVING channel which is expected to launch later this year. In the interim, LIVING +2 (a two-hour timeshift of the main LIVING channel) takes the space on Virgin Media channel 159, next to LIVING 2 +1 which can be found on channel 160.