More Virgin HD channels coming Q3 2009

Virgin Media have confirmed they are definitely adding some more high definition channels to the channel lineup for V+ customers this year. Dows Jones Newswires (as reported on the Wall Street Journal website) says Virgin “plans to launch as many as six new high-definition channels in the third quarter of 2009”. Neil Berkett (Virgin Media Chief Executive) confirms “we’ll be launching as many as six high-definition channels in the third quarter”. This is excellent news for Virgin Media customers as the only linear HD channel currently available is BBC HD. HD content is also available on demand.

6 thoughts on “More Virgin HD channels coming Q3 2009”

  1. Believe it when i see it. There has been speculation for some time now and so far they have not delivered. I am a Virgin media HD customer ans niffed off that there is only BBC in live tv. Credit to the on demand and movies in HD but not good enough im afraid. Why not get ITV to release their HD channel from Freesat?!??

  2. I have just bought a Box to enable HD transmissions.I was advised that more HD programmes are coming soon from Virgin. WHEN? – For sure if nothing happens by end of year I will be off to Sky, who have at least 15 HD Channels.

  3. I signed up to virgin media at a previous address bk in 2007 and was told bk then that there would b more HD channels added soon, i eventually left virgin 4 a number of different reasons, and joined sky, when we moved to our current address we were told by the housing association that we couldn’t have a sky dish put up so my partner got virgin in and still only bbc hd thats live this is not good especially wen u consider they have been telling me since the day they changed over to virgin media bk in feb 07 that they would b adding more soon. but well done to them for the on demand HD content they have.

  4. Wonderful article. I been looking for one on a similar note. I guess you always have something up your sleeve.

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