Quest launch postponed

In a surprise decision, Discovery had to postpone the launch of their new channel Quest, which was due to launch on Freeview today.

A message was posted up on the official Quest website at 10am this morning says “Regrettably we have made the decision to postpone the launch of Quest. Due to a number of commercial factors we have had to make this difficult decision. We did not make this decision lightly and we are working towards launching Quest in the near future. We would like to apologise wholeheartedly to any of you that have been looking forward to this launch”.

More news as we get it.

2 thoughts on “Quest launch postponed”

  1. Not much a Quest then, nor much of a Disvcovery either.

    Maybe they should rebrand the channel as WIMP tv!!!

    If beavers can be re-introduced into Scotland after decades of absense then launching a Freeview TV channel is less than exciting or challenging.

    BBC tv’s Springwatch wildlife live programe could cover this story as “tv chick fails to hatch, parents have abandobed the nest.”

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