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UKTV Gardens has rebranded today to become Really. Really can be found on Virgin Media channel 267 and Sky channel 248. Gardening content that used to appear on UKTV Gardens before it was rebranded will shift across to Home (formerly UKTV Style). The only remaining UKTV-prefixed channel to be rebranded is UKTV Food, which will change its name to Good Food on Monday 22nd June.

Click here for the official Really website.

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38 thoughts on “UKTV Gardens now Really”

  1. I think that the new REALLY channel is the PITS. Bring back UKTV GARDENS. We used to watch it all day long and now this REALLY is a big turn off.

    Richard Smith

  2. I agree with the previous comment & will add that the progamme planners are out of touch with viewers likes & dislikes. Something they have in common with MPs.
    The replacement channels HOME & REALLY seem to feature the occasional gardening programme.
    The fact that so many gardening-based programmes are made (such as the iconic Gardeber’s World featuring people like Alan Titchmarsh) .. is proof indeed that enough people want them.
    So why on earth stop broadcasting them?

  3. Please reinstate UKTV gadens. it was the best channel on my virgin package and the new channels do nothing to replace it. In these stressful times there was always a sense of calm and relaxation when watching this channel. Please EVERYONE write a complaint here and have the channel reinstated

  4. UKTV please note. These new channels are crap. Rebranding them with silly names will not gain any extra viewers. Also no real gardener wants to watch that awfull groundforce for the 100th time. Time to cancel my virgin subscription and spend more time down the plot. Please note that if you complain to uktv they will send you a generic reply saying that no one watched the channel and cr*p force i mean ground force was the most watched program. Uktv please note your rebrand has not worked for me and i shall not be watching it along with most of the other uktv garden viewers. THANK you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a complete shambles!It’s abundantly clear that like MP’s ,Sky are out of touch with the real world.Bring back UKTV Gardens or at the very least transmit the same programmes under the new banner.

  6. Totally agree with everyone, this station taught me a lot about gardening, it was a joy to watch it in these dismal times, planners you are out of touch, talk to the people who subscribe to your packages, i am disgusted that you have dumbed it down, with some chav crap,who cares if ground force was repeated,at least it was enjoyable. Thanks for nothing.

  7. Moving the Gardening programme is a pathetic mistake and mis understanding of your customer’s likes and desires. The new programmes are rubbish, Sorry but they are a waste of time watching. Extremely disapointed with Virgin and their so called re branding.

    I wish TV companies along with MP’s would just listen to their customers and not give us what they think is ‘best for us’, doled out like doses of medicine which is what this new branding feels like.

  8. I would like to re enforce all comments that have gone before, how the UKTV franchise can believe this is a good move financially in these current climes just shows how out of touch they are with the real world. How UKTV gardens can be seen as none productive compared to other channels such as horse and country and the rural channel, not to mention umpteen religious channels, not slating these channels just cant see how gardens doesnt compete on some level. Bad decision UKTV show you are a company that can see the error of its ways and return OUR channel.

  9. BRING BACK UKTV GARDENS !!! What on earth have ‘Teeth’ to do with gardening? I checked the channel for gardening themes and NOTHING for atleast the next 24 hours on ‘Homes’ Or ‘Really’!! UKTV gardens was one of the reasons I bought SKY; I’m seriously going to review my subscription !!

  10. Agree with the previous folk. ‘Really’ is not worth watching. Bring back UKTV Gardens even it has to have another name. If Sky want a brief name just call it Gardens.

  11. REALLY is rubbish, bought sky for uktv gardens, loved things like gardeners world, don’t care about repeats, only thing i turned off was groundforce, really disappointed had sky 5 years, now thinking of cancelling, bring back a dedicated gardening channel. How about commissioning some new gardening programmes if you don’t want to show reapeats.

  12. I am disgusted at the decision to scrap UK TV Gardens, which was my sole reason for purchasing Virgin and now Sky. There is nothing that I want to watch now and so the subscription must now come under review as I am not getting what I am paying for. The new Really channel is telly for morons. Traffic cops ALL DAY??? Utter drivel on every channel now. It will fail miserably. We are not all thick – many of us are intelligent! Bring back UK TV Gardens. My entire family and extended family are all disappointed. It is inevitable that you will lose us.

  13. Agree with all other comments regarding the decision to scrap UKTV Gardens. It was one of my favourite channels. The replacement channels Really and Home are complete rubbish. BRING BACK UKTV GARDENS!!!!

  14. I agree with all the comments above – I LOVED UKTV gardens and the new channels are rubbish, I am so sad to see them go 🙁

  15. Absolute disgrace to scrap what was the best channel (except Sky sports obviously.hehe) on Sky.

    Bring it back or I scrap the entire package!!!

  16. I agree with all the above. We’ve lost our favourite channel. The Home channel has hardly any gardening content and I fail to see how it can be viewed as any replacement for the hours of informative and therapeutic viewing we used to enjoy. How disappointing. Please give us back our gardening channel.

  17. Same here all other homestyle channels are alike in their content so we did not need another. UKTV gardens was the only channel dedicated to our pastime and now its gone. I feel like cancelling Sky alltogether because of this

  18. I cant belive its gone. I keep looking & looking, it was the only reason I subscibed to virgin t.v. The so called replacement is very poor. Seeing as it has been removed I shall cancel virgin media t.v and go in my garden.

  19. I totally agree with all above comments -same disgust
    felt when I returned from a short holiday in the UK – visiting Chelsey Show – now back in Ireland and Pifff
    Paff Puff – UKTV Gardens ALL GONE! Then I tried phoning Sky Services – the so-called programme Experts
    held me hanging on for ages -nobody could give me an answer – so at last I found this comment site!

  20. I absolutely agree with the above comments. I found UKTV Gardens very interesting, particularly the programmes about the Victorian kitchen garden. UKTV claim that they are putting these programmes on ‘home’, but i’ve seen no evidence of this, apart from the occasional episode of ground force, just the same old tat is being screened as always. Don’t they realise that there is enough dross on TV without creating a channel full of it? ‘Really’ is a great advert for turning the television off. I didn’t care that the gardening programmes were repeated as at least they were educational, unlike the ones on ‘Really’. If they care about their viewers as much as they claim to I would suggest that they give us back our gardening channel. Why not convert ‘Home+1’ for instance and call it something daft like ‘Shrub’ if they must?

  21. what a load of absolute rubbish these new rebranded programs are ,i totally agree with all the comments from the other viewers and looked forward to watching uktv gardens,it was the best program on sky ,programmers your totally out of touch with the rest of us bring back our program !before i decide to cancel my package ,might as well just have freeview .

  22. For the love of god – and Big Dig……..

    Ditch Really. Really, its Really Really Really rubbish.

    I have no reason to own a television any more.

  23. I am very upset that the Gardening channel has been replaced, when nothing else was on I could always turn to that channel and relax watching and learning about gardening.
    I have turned on the new channel and turned it off just as fast, I hope you realise that Gardening appeals to all ages and the lack of this channel is a very sad day.

  24. Can’t believe UKTV Gardens has gone. UKTV has made a big mistake – gardening is the nation’s favourite pastime and is becoming more and more popular. UKTV – you’ve got it wrong!

  25. I too was sorry that UKTV gardens had disappeared. I emailed Really and they told me that there were just not enough viewers who shared my love of the channel. All to do with ratings. I suggest that all the people who have contributed to this blog email Really. I am going to direct them to this site!

  26. THought i was going mad when i couldn’t find UKTV gardens wasn’t to be found. Out of all the channels they had to axe they picked only one that I ever watch. Even my young children loved watching anything that covered veg growing. Bring it back – Please

  27. SO disappointed to find UKTV Gardens gone, just when it was becoming the most watched channel on my tv. These new channels are garbage and so Groundforce can stay on them as far as I’m concerned. Bring back a proper garden channel with real gardeners and inspiring programmes!

  28. I have been searching and searching for UKTV Gardens for a few weeks now. I can’t believe its gone. This is why I got Sky in the first place. This is the only channel that I watched and I had it playing all day long. I am so disappointed. I will have to cancel Sky if they do not bring it back immediately.

  29. I am so very dissapointed that you have removed all the lovely gardening programmes, I keep looking at your new channels and am yet to see a gardening programme yet!! I loved the uktv gardens and my sunday mornings waking up and getting my coffee and sitting watching that channel has left me feeling lost, that was what i looked forward to!! Get your act together and put our much loved programmes back on!! Virgin shame on you for letting this happen!!!

  30. I am a doctor with a busy job, so is my partner. Every evening we used to relax by watching UK TV Gardens.Nothing replaces it now. We are extremely disapointed, our evenings are not the same without it.There is nothing else on TV that interests us now…Can we have it back please?

  31. BRING BACK UKTV GARDENS!!!! A Big mistake has been made and i hope the idiot with the final say gets the sack.!!! These new channels are rubbish, what a waste of time. The only good thing about this change is that we can now spend more time in the garden rather than watching the crap on the box.

  32. theres enough fashion, cooking,bring back the gardening channel,with its helpful tips and sound advice,for any learner gardener.theres enough crap on, why punish the people who like in two minds to cancel my subscription to sky, they are only catering for the dim wits who already have a variety of programmes on all the other stations.wise up bring back uktv GARDENS….

  33. It isn’t Sky’s fault that UKTV Gardens is gone. It is UKTV who decided to rebrand the channel. It is not Sky you need to talk to – it is UKTV.

  34. The gardening programmes on Sky are remarkable by their absence. Surely in todays climate with gardening/allotments being more popular there is a need for some quality programmes. Alan Titchmarsh where are you??

  35. I was hoping that the dawning of 2010 would bring a brand spanking new UKTV gardening channel – we need a miracle -Please bring it back- Eden Project is what we need to inspire a new hope for the planet and besides the familiar faces – the gardening angels –
    Monty Don, Alan T, Charlie et all – there must be whole new spectacle of gardeners eager to please the armchair enthusiasts with their knowledge and entertaining creations? Bring them back! TV is a bore
    without them!

  36. I have to say I am deeply disappointed with the programing on Sky lately, I was hoping to see some of my favorite gardening shows on Home but that was obviously a vain hope. This is programming to the lowest common denominator.

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