Create And Craft coming to Freeview from July

Create And Craft – another channel from the same group as Ideal World – will be launching on Freeview next week. The channel will become available on Freeview from the 1st July.

The official website for Create And Craft says live programmes will be on Monday-Friday from 8am to 1pm on channel 36.

It’s not clear whether the channel will just air prerecorded segments and infomercials during weekends or whether they have simply only bought the channel space for Monday-Friday, and the other free capacity on that DTT stream will just go to another broadcaster.

The channel placeholder has not yet appeared on channel 36.

More news on this launch as we get it.

2 thoughts on “Create And Craft coming to Freeview from July”

  1. Hi

    I am getting this channel OK, but I never know if it pre-recorded.

    I would like some info on an earlier decoupage kit, it was a gold fan with floral decoupage, this was absolutely beautiful.

    I hope this has not been deleted. This was on Createandcraft, I could not get the item number, so I am hoping you will be able to help me, because I am desperate to get this kit.

    Thank you – Norma

  2. We are only a Freeview/Virgin Media fansite. Any queries regarding products on Create & Craft need to be asked directly to Create & Craft by checking their official website or giving them a call.

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