ESPN UK to launch 3rd August [Updated]

Updated: Further to our news post a few days ago, AGB Nielson have announced ESPN’s new UK channel will begin BARB reporting on the 4th August and BBC News says the channel will start broadcasting on the 3rd August. The new channel will be on DTT, Virgin Media and Sky. This will mean ESPN America on DTT (Top Up TV) – Setanta Sports 1’s old slot – will probably be removed in August to make way for ESPN UK. The new ESPN UK channel will air Premier League football as well as other sports.

2 thoughts on “ESPN UK to launch 3rd August [Updated]”

  1. ESPN is going to cost £9 a month, as poor a business model as Setanta had, they charged £12 a month for 8 or 9 channels (which included ESPN!!!!!) And it is said by many, that Sky is a money grabbing company. Are any other channels going to be included with this £9 price or will ESPN be a single stand alone channel… I’m not sure I wish to pay that amount just to watch 46 additional EPL matches (which will possibly be shown at the same time as Sky’s ones, and will be the so called weaker matches that Setanta had, and cost them their company.) Plus the American sports shown on ESPN, which is mainly baseball and ice hockey.

  2. Anyone heard any news about the Magners League Rugby? Will ESPN be showing these matches as Setanta did?

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