TMF rebranded as VIVA

TMF was rebranded as VIVA yesterday. The new name change has come into effect on the Freeview EPG and on Virgin Media. You may need to rescan your Freeview box to get the new channel name, but you should continue to see the channel with the old TMF name without rescanning. VIVA is available on Freeview channel 21, Virgin Media channel 313 and Sky. VIVA is owned by MTV Networks so features many MTV programmes as well as music videos. Please see the official VIVA website for more information.

BBC red button changes next week

There will be several changes to the BBC red button services on Freeview next week.

From the 27th October, the interactive stream on channel 302 will be removed (please note the interactive stream on channel 301 will be staying) and the BBC News multiscreen service will also be removed from Freeview.

On the official BBC blog for the Press Red team, they say “in order to make space for HD broadcasts in the future we need to now switch off two of the three interactive streams we use to deliver BBC content on Freeview”. BBC News multiscreen is one stream and 302 is the other stream. The BBC News multiscreen service will continue on other platforms such as cable (some areas) and Sky. Click here to read more about the changes from the BBC’s Press Red team and click here for more details of the BBC News multiscreen switch-off.

Welcome changes or not?

TMF to rebrand as VIVA soon

MTV-owned channel TMF will rebrand as VIVA. The channel – available on Freeview, cable and Sky – will be available on Freeview channel 21, Virgin Media channel 313 and Sky channel 358. The official website for VIVA just states it’s “coming soon” with no launch date mentioned yet. Check out their official website for a (mildly annoying) promo video.

16th October update: The official website now says the launch date will be the 26th October.

CBS channels to launch 16th November

The first CBS-branded TV channels in the UK will launch on the 16th November. The three channels have been named as CBS Action, CBS Drama and CBS Reality.

As this is a deal with Chellomedia who own the Zone-branded channels Broadcast Now reports “Zone Reality and +1 will become CBS Reality and +1; Zone Romantica will become CBS Drama; and Zone Thriller will become CBS Action. The Zone Horror channel and its +1 will remain as it is for now”.

The new channels will air programming from the CBS Studios catalogue such as Dr Phil and Star Trek, as well as third-party programmes.

CBS Drama and CBS Action won’t be available on Virgin Media from launch, but CBS Reality will.