Sky Movies Christmas returns 1st December

Sky Movies Christmas will launch as a temporary Sky Movies channel for this year’s festive season – like it did last Christmas. The channel will consist entirely of Christmas films.

Sky Movies Showcase will be rebranded as Sky Movies Christmas on Wednesday 1st December.

Sky Movies Showcase HD will be rebranded as Sky Movies Christmas HD.

They will be rebranded back to Sky Movies Showcase and Sky Movies Showcase HD after the Christmas period.

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One thought on “Sky Movies Christmas returns 1st December”

  1. please, please, please put the grinch and jack frost on the christmas channel its the two films i look forward to watching with the family two great films!!! oh yes and the the old santa claus movie with dudley moore in it thats very festive watched it as a kid on christmas eve every year!!! please note this request as im sure millions of others will enjoy these films!!! thanx ever so much! merry christmas!

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