7 thoughts on “Music channel WTF to become Massive R&B”

  1. I agree with Matt.

    There is FAR FAR FAR Too much r-n-b on the other music channels as it is. This country is saturated with r-n-b – the worst genre of music in music’s history. Now we have yet another channel for nothing but r-n-b.

    Flick through the music channels – you will see that 9 out of 10 will be featuring crappy r-n-b. Now we have yet another..

    Another viewer lost.

  2. They killed the ONLY channel with lots of different genres. I am not going to only listen to R&B. Farewell…

  3. Fantastic, another R&B station, Just what we want to go with the 100’s of other R&B station. What god cursed egg head do we have to thank for this stroke of genius, VH1 here i come…

  4. massive R&B what a brilliant channel much better than the crap wtf since every song that got played on there was also killed off on every other channel on sky

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