PBS to launch UK channel in November

PBS are launching a UK version of their popular US channel on Sky on the 1st November.

It will be a public service channel, like its American counterpart, and will air the back catalogue of PBS programmes from the States.

Variety reports PBS UK’s general manager Richard Kingsbury says there will be a “broad programming output reflecting that of its U.S. counterpart… many will have watched PBS shows acquired by other channels without realizing it… with the vast majority of PBS’s back catalog still to premiere in the U.K., there is a tremendous wealth of epic true stories available to craft a highly valued channel here”.

PBS UK will be added to the entertainment section of Sky’s EPG from November.

For further news and to register your interest in the channel please go to www.pbs.co.uk.

To see the schedule for the US version of PBS (to give a taste of what’s to come on PBS UK), click here.