Sky Sports free weekend 24th-26th September

Sky Sports will be free to all Virgin Media TV customers for one weekend this month.

From 6am on the 24th September through to 6th on the 26th September Sky Sports 1-4, Sky Sports News and Sky Sports HD 1 & 2 (only for customers with an HD box) will be free to all TV customers.

For more details see the September issue of the Electric newsletter by clicking here.

Sky Sports

2 thoughts on “Sky Sports free weekend 24th-26th September”

  1. What a great idea to promote sky tv you never know this could be the time when the ballance tips towards sky sports tv. Bring it on lets get the the rest of family interested.

  2. great news my sons are great sports fans but cant get them off there computers if sky sports free weekend changes this problem sky sports forever here’s hoping.

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