Challenge changes and closure of Pick TV +1

If you’ve been missing Challenge since yesterday afternoon you’ll need to rescan your Freeview box.

The channel moved multiplexes on Freeview which requires a retune for most Freeview receivers.

Viewers in Wales can now receive Challenge 24 hours a day.

Pick TV +1 is no longer available on Freeview due to these changes.


One thought on “Challenge changes and closure of Pick TV +1”

  1. its all very well having to retune but on my set in the bedroom, the set retunes and still shows pick+1, and now went I turn it off on another station, it comes back to pick+1 when turn on the set again and challenge is blank till i retune again, i’ve even deleted pick+1 after a retune but whe i start the tv again its back and starts on pick+1. And i’m not the only one a friend down the road has the same problem.

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