6 thoughts on “Channel 5 +1 to launch next month”

  1. It is absolutely pathetic that Virginmedia don’t get it at the same time. Is not as if its a Sky channel, these company bosses need their heads banging together.

  2. Cant quite believe that virgin media has not got channel 5 +1 even free view seem to have it. We pay alot of money to virgin media but always seem to be last in the que to get all these new channels!

  3. Reading other people’s comments on why Virgin Media haven’t got the +1 channel at the same time as other providers, it doesn’t really suprise me because Virgin have always, historically, been messed about by Sky and although Channel 5 is not owned directly by Sky they do have close ties with Sky, as is shown by the fact that Channel 5 news is made by Sky news. Although Channel 5 is actually owned by one of the Murdoch empire’s closest competitors, Northern and Shell Network Ltd – owned by Richard Desmond who produces the Daily Express and Star newspapers, rivals to News International – they are extremely close in their political biases and tend to work together on many business matters that may disadvantage any competitors that do not belong to their little clique.

  4. So disappointed not to recieve channel 5+1 on Virgin media. Just upgraded my box to HD, have not had any c;ear indication of what channels I can actually get. It seems to be custer led with regard to how you haggle. Still think it is the best provder of TV/braodband etc, why cant it be simpler to check out their deals?

  5. Thank goodness I’m not going mad! We have a Virgin Media package & also freeview on two smaller sets. I upgraded both freeview boxes once I heard about Channel 5+1 (from the Big Brother show) but was horrified to find I couldn’t find it on Virgin. My husband said I was being obsessive when I tried to find out why – so thank you for your comments. We’re getting it next year apparently – ridiculous when you think how much we pay these people eh?

  6. ditto i thought i was going mad i tried for ages running through the channels just asked me son to scan my tv and he tried then came on to my computer and typed channel 5+1 and told me to read sues comment so now i no but it does seem silly as you have +1 on most channels now

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