An update: BBC One HD changes on Sky

BBC One HDThe BBC have now retracted some of the changes they outlined on their website last week, with regards to BBC One HD swapping EPG positions on Sky we reported yesterday.

The revised information on the BBC website now says that, as of today, BBC One HD has moved to Sky channel 101 only in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In England channel 101 remains the standard definition (regionalised) version of BBC One.

Originally they posted that BBC One HD would move to Sky channel 101 in England but this is no longer the case. BBC One HD England stays on channel 141 and still isn’t regionalised (so no regional news on BBC One HD England).

They say “This week, we are undertaking HD/SD swapping on Sky and Freesat in Scotland and Wales… this means that all viewers in the Nations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) who subscribe to a Sky HD package will now see their version of BBC One HD at 101 and BBC One SD at 141. Freesat viewers in the Nations will also now see their correct version of BBC One HD at 101 (and BBC One SD at 108)”.

The BBC One HD national variants can be found on Sky channels 976-979.

There have also been some changes on Freesat with BBC Two HD moving to channel 102 in England only (this changes happened on Sky a few months ago too) and BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, CBeebies & BBC News swap places with their standard definition counterparts (the same as what happened on Sky a few months ago) to give the HD channels a more prominent position on the Freesat EPG.

Click here to see all of the changes but the basics can be seen below:

BBC One HD changes on Sky next week

Some of these changes have now been retracted & revised – click here for an update.

There will be several changes to the way BBC One HD is delivered on Sky (and Freesat) from Monday (24th March).

BBC One HDOn Sky, if you have an HD subscription, BBC One HD will move to channel 101 to replace your regional standard definition channel. The version of BBC One HD on channel 101 will depend on your nation – there will be England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland variants depending on your location.

This will match up with channel 102, where national variants of BBC Two HD exist depending on your location, if you are a Sky HD subscriber.

If you still want to watch the standard definition versions of BBC One and BBC Two (particularly for the regional news on BBC One) you will find your local version on channels 141 & 142. The placeholder for BBC One HD for those without an HD subscription will appear on channel 141, with the standard definition versions still being on channels 101 & 102 respectively.

You will also be able to tune to other BBC One HD regions even if you don’t live there – channel 976 plays host to BBC One HD in all areas apart from England, 977 will be home to BBC One Scotland HD in all areas apart from Scotland, 978 will have BBC One Wales everywhere apart from in Wales and channel 979 will see BBC One Northern Ireland for all places apart from Northern Ireland.

BBC Three to be axed as a TV channel

BBC ThreeIt’s been announced BBC Three will be axed as a TV channel and become an online-only entity from next year, subject to the approval of the BBC Trust.

BBC Director General Tony Hall confirmed BBC Three will close on all TV platforms “from autumn 2015” to make £50 million a year in savings with £30 million of that going to BBC One drama.

The BBC have stressed however this isn’t the end for BBC Three and that it will be “reinvented as a new and innovative online service”.

In addition the space freed up on TV platforms after the closure will be used “to extend CBBC by an hour a night and to provide a BBC One +1 service”.

In an email to BBC staff, BBC Director General Tony Hall said:

“I’m convinced that the BBC as a creative organisation will be able to reinvent a space for young people on the iPlayer that will be bold, innovative and distinctive. It will not just be a TV channel distributed online – it will be an opportunity to look at new forms, formats, different durations, and more individualised and interactive content. It will play to BBC Three’s strengths, offer something distinctive and new, and enhance the BBC’s reputation with young audiences. And I will challenge everyone in the BBC to spend much more time focusing on programming for young audiences. We will lead the way”.

Click here to read the press release in full.

BBC1 HD moves to 101 in Northern Ireland

BBC One HDIf you’re a Sky HD customer in Northern Ireland you’ll notice BBC One HD NI has moved from channel 143 to 101.

The move means the HD channel directly replaces its standard definition counterpart on channel 101.

This is the first time this has happened with any BBC HD channel.

The standard definition version of BBC One NI has moved to 141.

BBC planning to launch BBC One +1

BBC OneThe BBC are planning to launch a timeshift version of BBC One according to Director General Tony Hall.

He said the new channel, airing programmes 1 hour later than BBC One, will offer people “more of what they’ve already paid for… BBC One needs to be on top form. It has to be the nation’s favourite channel, and also its bravest”.

This plan along with new features for iPlayer amongst other things will be run past the BBC Trust for approval.

Click here to read more about the plans announced by the BBC.

BBC to launch five new HD channels

BBCThe BBC have announced five new subscription-free HD channels will launch in the coming months.

BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, CBBC HD, CBeebies HD and BBC News HD will all be made available by early 2014 on satellite, Freeview and Virgin Media.

The BBC Trust have approved the new HD channels for launch.

It’s been possible to launch these channels on Freeview thanks to new capacity made available by Ofcom – more details on this can be found on their website.

The official press release from the BBC Media Centre reports:

“The five new HD channels will be broadcast on satellite, covering approximately 99 per cent of UK homes from launch. On digital terrestrial television (Freeview HD and YouView), BBC Three HD and CBBC HD will use capacity on the BBC’s existing HD multiplex, which has 98.5 per cent coverage of UK homes. BBC News HD, BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD will use new HD capacity, which will cover part of the UK and grow in coverage over time. Further information on this new digital terrestrial television capacity can be found in the press releases issued today by Ofcom and Arqiva. The five new HD channels will also be offered to TV platform operators that run their own networks, such as cable TV and IPTV operators”.

All of the new HD channels will be simulcasts of their standard definition equivalents.

It’s also been announced “the BBC will present to the BBC Trust a proposal covering the technical options and timetable to launch English Regional variants of BBC One HD and variants of BBC Two HD for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland”.

Click here to read the BBC’s press release in full.

BBC One Wales HD has launched

BBC One Wales HD has launched this week for viewers in Wales.

The new regional version of BBC One HD replaces the original generic BBC One HD.

It’s available on Freeview HD channel 101, Sky channel 143, Virgin Media channel 108 and Freesat HD channel 108.


BBC One Scotland HD has launched

BBC One Scotland HD has launched today on Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media and Freesat.

Scotland has always had the National version of BBC One HD since it launched – BBC One Scotland HD now replaces that channel in Scotland.

BBC One Wales HD will follow suit with a launch on the 29th January.

BBC One Northern Ireland launched last year, on the 24th October, following the end of digital switchover.

Click here to find out more about the launch of BBC One Scotland HD and the upcoming launch of BBC One Wales HD.


BBC One HD launches tonight, 7pm

BBC One HD will launch tonight at 7pm with The One Show. For more details on BBC One HD click here to see the FAQs page on the official BBC One website.

BBC One HD will be available on Freesat channel 108, Freeview HD channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.

Channel numbers for the existing BBC HD channel will be Freesat channel 109, Freeview HD channel 54, Sky channel 169 and Virgin Media channel 187.

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Channel launches on Sky this month

BBC One HD will launch this Wednesday (3rd November) at 7pm (HD customers only).

Discovery History will launch on the 7th November.

Travel Channel HD will launch on the 15th November (HD customers only).

ITV3 HD & ITV4 HD will launch on the 15th November (HD customers only).