BBC red button expanded for the summer

The BBC have announced expanded red button video services will be available this summer, including one HD red button stream for the first time.

Alix Pryde, director of BBC Distribution says “there will be extra courts from Wimbledon and extra stages from Glastonbury. And on top of that, we’ll be offering you HD coverage of a range of other events too numerous to list in full”.

“The extra SD streams are timed to cover the last week of June and the first week of July as this is the busiest time of the year on the Red Button. The HD stream will start a little sooner and will be available for longer. The HD Red Button will be the place to find our 3D coverage of the Wimbledon semi-finals and finals”.

The red button streams will be available on the EPG so viewers can see exactly what is being shown and also gives them the ability to record red button events with ease:

BBC red button table

29th June update:

You may have noticed the red button channels haven’t appeared as separate channels on the Sky EPG as originally planned. The BBC say they are having issues getting them added to the Sky platform so viewers will need to access the videos by pressing the red button instead of going to the individual channels. Check the comments on the BBC blog for more information.

BBC News Multiscreen service to close

BBC NewsThe BBC are closing down the BBC News Multiscreen service that is available via the red button later this month.

The service will be removed from Sky and Virgin Media platforms permanentely on the 20th June as part of the BBC’s Delivering Quality First cuts.

The Freeview version of the Multiscreen service closed down in October 2009 to make way for new Freeview services.

Click here to read more about this change at The Editors blog on the BBC website.

The rest of the BBC Red Button interactive services remain unchanged – the text offerings for BBC News, BBC Sports, etc will continue as normal.

Freeview changes this week

In some areas Teletext On 4 has been renamed as 1-2-1 Dating but is currently blank, and the Clyde1 radio station has been removed. Clyde1 was only meant to be a temporary replacement radio station on Freeview when 3C closed down, so this isn’t much of a surprise. Also, on some boxes now, you might find the BBC Red Button LCNs 303 and 305 hidden when trying to browse through channels manually instead of through the red button. 304 (TVTV Digital) also appears to have been removed or hidden in some areas.