An update: BBC One HD changes on Sky

BBC One HDThe BBC have now retracted some of the changes they outlined on their website last week, with regards to BBC One HD swapping EPG positions on Sky we reported yesterday.

The revised information on the BBC website now says that, as of today, BBC One HD has moved to Sky channel 101 only in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In England channel 101 remains the standard definition (regionalised) version of BBC One.

Originally they posted that BBC One HD would move to Sky channel 101 in England but this is no longer the case. BBC One HD England stays on channel 141 and still isn’t regionalised (so no regional news on BBC One HD England).

They say “This week, we are undertaking HD/SD swapping on Sky and Freesat in Scotland and Wales… this means that all viewers in the Nations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) who subscribe to a Sky HD package will now see their version of BBC One HD at 101 and BBC One SD at 141. Freesat viewers in the Nations will also now see their correct version of BBC One HD at 101 (and BBC One SD at 108)”.

The BBC One HD national variants can be found on Sky channels 976-979.

There have also been some changes on Freesat with BBC Two HD moving to channel 102 in England only (this changes happened on Sky a few months ago too) and BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, CBeebies & BBC News swap places with their standard definition counterparts (the same as what happened on Sky a few months ago) to give the HD channels a more prominent position on the Freesat EPG.

Click here to see all of the changes but the basics can be seen below:

BBC One HD changes on Sky next week

Some of these changes have now been retracted & revised – click here for an update.

There will be several changes to the way BBC One HD is delivered on Sky (and Freesat) from Monday (24th March).

BBC One HDOn Sky, if you have an HD subscription, BBC One HD will move to channel 101 to replace your regional standard definition channel. The version of BBC One HD on channel 101 will depend on your nation – there will be England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland variants depending on your location.

This will match up with channel 102, where national variants of BBC Two HD exist depending on your location, if you are a Sky HD subscriber.

If you still want to watch the standard definition versions of BBC One and BBC Two (particularly for the regional news on BBC One) you will find your local version on channels 141 & 142. The placeholder for BBC One HD for those without an HD subscription will appear on channel 141, with the standard definition versions still being on channels 101 & 102 respectively.

You will also be able to tune to other BBC One HD regions even if you don’t live there – channel 976 plays host to BBC One HD in all areas apart from England, 977 will be home to BBC One Scotland HD in all areas apart from Scotland, 978 will have BBC One Wales everywhere apart from in Wales and channel 979 will see BBC One Northern Ireland for all places apart from Northern Ireland.

5 new HD channels from the BBC tomorrow

The BBC have confirmed their 5 new HD channels will launch tomorrow, Tuesday 10th December.

CBBC HD, CBeebies HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD and BBC News HD will all be available from tomorrow in time for Christmas – those channels were originally not due for launch until early 2014 so this is most welcome news.

The channels will appear in the following locations:

New BBC HD channels

In addition to the new high definition channel launches, it has been announced that BBC Two HD will replace the standard definition of BBC Two on Sky channel 102 (this change will take place in England only).

BBC One Scotland and BBC One Wales will also be replaced with their HD equivalents following the successful trial of swapping BBC One NI with BBC One NI HD in November.

Also from tomorrow BBC Alba, BBC Two HD and BBC Parliament will move to more prominent positions on the Virgin Media platform – BBC Alba moves to channel 161, BBC Two HD to 162 and BBC Parliament will switch to channel 605.

For more information on all of these changes click here to read the official BBC blog post.


BBC confirm BBC Two HD launch details

The BBC have confirmed the launch details for BBC Two HD today.

It was previously announced the channel would be launching this month, but some points have changed.

BBC Two HD will launch on the 26th March.

Sky customers will find it on channel 142 (next to BBC One HD on 141) not the current number BBC HD appears on (169).

Virgin Media customers will find it on channel 187.

BBC Two HD will be on Freesat channel 109, Freeview channel 102 and BT Vision+ channel 852.

You will only be able to receive it on those services if you have an HD box, and may need to retune your set top box to pick up the changes (this doesn’t apply to Sky, Virgin Media or BT Vision+ customers).

BBC HD will close down to be replaced with BBC Two HD on that day.

Visit the About The BBC blog for more details.


BBC Two HD to replace BBC HD in March

BBC HD will close down on the 26th March and will be replaced by BBC Two HD.

BBC Two HD will be a simulcast of the normal BBC Two channel with non-HD programmes being upscaled to improve picture quality.

It has been confirmed BBC Two HD will launch at 6am on the 26th March on Sky channel 169, Freeview channel 102, Virgin Media channel 187 and Freesat channel 109.

HD programmes from BBC Three and BBC Four will still be available online via BBC iPlayer.


BBC Two HD to replace BBC HD

BBC Two HD is set to replace BBC HD.

The move was announced by the BBC’s Director General Mark Thompson to save money at the corporation as part of their plan to cut 20% from their budget over the next 5 years.

It’s not known when the BBC HD channel will be replaced with BBC Two HD as the announcement simply said “the BBC HD channel will close and be replaced with a single version of BBC Two in high definition” but no timescale was given.