Channel 5 +24 has launched

Channel 5’s new 24-hour timeshift service has launched and some changes have occurred since the original announcement.

Originally the channel was thought to be going off-air on Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media when teleshopping is broadcast between 10am and 7pm on other platforms – restrictions prevent that amount of teleshopping in one block on Sky and presumably Virgin Media takes its feed from the Sky version of the channel so that’s why cable is included in this “version” of Channel 5 +24.

However, Channel 5 +24 will now have different daytime schedules depending on which platform you’re watching on:

– Teleshopping airs through to 7pm on Freeview/Youview.

– Teleshopping doesn’t air in the 3am-6am, 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm blocks on Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media, instead airing additional programming not broadcast on Freeview/Youview.

Channel 5 +24Channel 5 +24 replaces 5* +1 on Freesat, Sky & Virgin Media and broadcasts recent programmes shown on Channel 5 including the previous day’s schedule between 7pm and midnight. Find it on Freeview channel 55, Freesat 133, Sky 175 and Virgin Media 152.

Channel 5 +24 to launch next month

Channel 5 have announced plans to launch a new channel this February.

Channel 5The new channel will be a 24 hour timeshift of Channel 5 showing the previous evening’s primetime programmes.

Channel 5 +24 will launch on Tuesday 4th February and will air from 7pm every evening through to around midnight/1am.

It will be available on Freeview channel 55, Freesat channel 132, Sky channel 175 and Virgin channel 152 – Virgin is expected to drop 5* +1 to make way for Channel 5 +24 and Sky is expected to drop either 5USA +1 or 5* +1.

The channel will also be available from 10am to 7pm on some platforms (such as Freeview), but will only air teleshopping during that time.

Demand 5 coming to Anytime+ this year

Channel 5Channel 5’s on demand service Demand 5 will be available on Sky Anytime+ later this year.

It will join the existing channels on the service along with BBC iPlayer which also launches on Sky later in the year.

Anytime+ is the expanded service from Sky which requires your Sky box to be connected to a broadband connection for further content.

Channel 5 +1 has launched today

Channel 5 +1 has launched on Freeview, Sky and Freesat today. The one-hour timeshift version of Channel 5 is available on Freeview channel 44, Sky channel 177 and Freesat channel 128.

Freeview customers may need to rescan their set top boxes to pick up this new channel.

It’s thought Channel 5 +1 will be available on Virgin Media some time next year.

Channel 5

Channel 5 sister channels relaunch

Channel 5’s sister channels have relaunched today.

Fiver has become 5* (Five Star) and Five USA has become 5USA.

The main channel was rebranded from Five to Channel 5 last month on-screen.

5* is available on Freeview channel 30, Sky channel 176 (+1 on channel 177) and Virgin Media channel 151 (+1 on channel 152).

5USA is available on Freeview channel 31, Sky channel 174 (+1 on channel 175) and Virgin Media channel 153 (+1 on channel 154).

5* and 5USA

Rebrands for Channel 5’s sister channels

The new names for Channel 5’s sister channels have been revealed.

When Five rebrands back to its original Channel 5 name on the 14th February, Fiver will rebrand as 5* and Five USA will rebrand as 5USA.

Channel 5