Dave +1 becomes Dave Ja Vu

As planned, Dave +1 has rebranded as Dave Ja Vu. In a press release from UKTV they say “Dave ja vu will replace Dave +1 on all platforms… and so is available to view in 17.5 million homes nationwide via Freeview, Sky Digital and Virgin Cable. Also in the press release, Dave’s Channel Head Steve North says “renaming our +1 service Dave ja vu will help bolster the already successful Dave brand further while appealing to our target audience of 16-34 year old male viewers, who are sure to get the joke”. Freeview customers may need to carry out a rescan on their box to pick up the new channel name. Dave and Dave Ja Vu are available on Freeview, Virgin Media and Sky.

Dave +1 to become Dave Ja Vu

Those crazy cats at UKTV have been at it again – Dave +1 will rebrand as Dave Ja Vu (like deja vu – get it?) tomorrow. You will need to rescan your Freeview box to pick up the new channel name tomorrow. Virgin Media customers will see the change happen automatically.

Dave +1 launching on Freeview next week

Dave +1 – the one hour timeshift channel for UKTV’s very popular Dave channel – will launch on Freeview channel 25 on the 22nd January. The +1 channel will start broadcasting on Freeview at 2pm on the 22nd January. The broadcast hours for Dave +1 on Freeview will be 8am and 4am every day. It’s thought Dave +1 will just appear on Freeview for a short time before being replaced with another one of their channels in the near future.