E4 HD launching this Monday

E4 HD will launch on Sky this Monday (14th December). It will launch on channel 215 and is available to Sky customers who have a Sky+ HD box and subscribe to the HD pack. E4 HD will be a simulcast of the normal E4 channel – meaning it will have the same schedule and upscale any non-HD programmes. Click here for more information from the official E4 website.

Freeview channel reshuffle tomorrow

There will be a mini Freeview channel reshuffle for ITV-owned and Channel 4-owned channels tomorrow (24th February). The official Freeview website is reporting ITV4 is moving from channel 28 to 24, CITV is moving from channel 75 to 72, ITV2 +1 is moving from channel 31 to 27, E4 is moving from channel 29 to 28 and E4 +1 is moving from channel 30 to 29.

You will need to rescan your Freeview box to pick up the channel number changes (please note you will probably need to carry out a full rescan and not just an “Add Channels” scan).