Channel 5 sister channels relaunch

Channel 5’s sister channels have relaunched today.

Fiver has become 5* (Five Star) and Five USA has become 5USA.

The main channel was rebranded from Five to Channel 5 last month on-screen.

5* is available on Freeview channel 30, Sky channel 176 (+1 on channel 177) and Virgin Media channel 151 (+1 on channel 152).

5USA is available on Freeview channel 31, Sky channel 174 (+1 on channel 175) and Virgin Media channel 153 (+1 on channel 154).

5* and 5USA

Rebrands for Channel 5’s sister channels

The new names for Channel 5’s sister channels have been revealed.

When Five rebrands back to its original Channel 5 name on the 14th February, Fiver will rebrand as 5* and Five USA will rebrand as 5USA.

Channel 5

Five HD launches on Sky and cable

Five HD is now available on Sky channel 171 and Virgin Media channel 150. The Five channels have been reshuffled on Virgin Media to keep all them together in the EPG – Five HD is on channel 150, Fiver is on channel 151, Fiver +1 on channel 152, Five USA on channel 153 and Five USA +1 on channel 154.

Five HD

Five Life rebranded as Fiver

Five Life has now been rebranded as Fiver on the Freeview and Virgin Media EPGs. Freeview viewers will need to rescan their box if it doesn’t pick up the new channel name automatically. Virgin Media customers may need to restart their set top box for the channel name to change.