Control your Sky box with your iPad

Sky have released a major new Sky+ app update for iPad.

The new version allows you to use your iPad as a remote control to change channels, pause, rewind and fast-forward TV.

It also allows you to view your Sky box’s planner, select what you want to watch from the planner through your iPad and it pushes that command to your box for the programme to start playing.

You also have the ability to delete recordings from your planner in the app and previous features are still available, including sending recording commands to your box.

The app is available to download now in Apple’s App Store. The new features however are only available to iPad users – not those with iPhones.

The website Broadband TV News reports “further enhancements are due later in the year including the integration of second screen functionality from Zeebox, the social networking technology in which Sky holds a 10% stake”.

Please note the new functions will only work if you have the new Sky box software that was released recently. If your box hasn’t been updated yet you will need to wait until Sky rollout the new software to your box before using the new iPad functionality.

There’s a video on YouTube showing the new app features in action. Watch below: