Sky changes on 1st February

Several changes to the Sky lineup will be taking place tomorrow, Tuesday 1st February.

Sky customers will find Living, Living HD, Living ROI, Living +1, Livingit, Livingit +1, Challenge and Challenge +1 off-air between approximately 2am and 4am. Sky advise “during this period, there will be brief outages and you will see a placeholder banner advising you that no programmes are being broadcast. You do not need to adjust your TV set or Sky box”. Virgin Media customers should be unaffected.

Channel One will cease broadcasting permanently at 6am on all TV platforms including Sky and Virgin Media (Channel One +1 will end an hour later at 7am). Channel One on Freeview will be replaced with Challenge.

All of the Living channels will be rebranded as Sky Living (Sky Living, Sky Livingit, etc).

Sky advise “HD customers will notice that some HD channels now have the same channel numbers as their standard definition counterparts”.

Sky Atlantic will launch at 9pm on Sky channel 108. A special pre-launch show advertising the launch of Sky Atlantic will air 8pm-9pm on Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, Sky 2, Living, Living it, Living Loves, Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 2.

Click here for the official “timeline of changes” page at


Channel One to close 31st January

Channel One’s official website confirms the channel will cease broadcasting on the 31st January.

As it was only rebranded from Virgin 1 to Channel One on the 3rd September 2010 this makes it one of the shortest UK television brands in history.

Sky have decided to close the channel – part of the Living TV Group which they bought from Virgin Media – to concentrate on Sky-branded channels including the soon-to-launch Sky Atlantic and the soon-to-be-rebranded Sky Living.

Challenge (another Sky-owned channel) will take Channel One’s place on Freeview.

Channel One

Bravo and Challenge Jackpot closed

The following channels have ceased broadcasting today, 1st January 2011;

Bravo (Sky channel 123, Virgin Media channel 136)
Bravo +1 (Sky channel 124, Virgin Media channel 137)
Bravo 2 (Sky channel 153, Virgin Media channel 138)
Challenge Jackpot (Sky channel 867, Virgin Media channel 141)

The channels have been closed down as Sky bought the Living TV Group in 2010, and announced they would close the Bravo slate of channels, Challenge Jackpot, and they will also be rebranding Living as Sky Living in 2011.

Challenge Jackpot’s website is still working ( and Bravo’s website ( now redirects to a page saying programming from the channel will appear on other Sky channels in due course.

The Living TV Group’s official website ( now redirects to a page.


Bravo channels to close 1st January

Bravo, Bravo +1 and Bravo 2 will close on all television platforms including Sky and Virgin Media on the 1st January next year.

Now Sky owns the Living TV Group of channels they have decided to close down the Bravo family of channels as they cater for a similar demographic of that of Sky1.

The majority of Bravo programmes will be moved across to Sky1 and other Sky channels in due course.


Sky Living and Sky Atlantic to launch 2011

Living will be rebranded as Sky Living from early 2011.

The name change will take place following Sky’s acquisition of the Living TV Group of channels from Virgin Media earlier this year (first resulting in the recent Virgin1 rebrand to Channel One – the channel which is now facing the axe in the coming months along with Bravo).

A new channel called Sky Atlantic will also launch early next year.

Sky Living will appear next to Sky1 on the Sky EPG on channel 107 and Sky Atlantic will appear next to it on channel 108. Sky Living and Sky Atlantic will both be available in HD as well.

The name change for Living will also take place on Virgin Media’s TV platform. It’s unknown whether Sky Atlantic will appear on Virgin Media’s TV service, but it’s likely that it will at some stage, if not from the initial launch.

The official press release from Sky says:

“Sky Living – Living, the home of programmes such as Britain’s Next Top Model, Four Weddings, Chuck and upcoming UK drama series Bedlam, was acquired by Sky from Virgin Media earlier this year. To build on the channel’s success as one of the UK’s leading pay TV channels, it will re-brand as Sky Living from early 2011 and benefit from a 25% increase in on-screen investment. It will move to a new slot of #107on the Sky EPG from its current position at #112”.

“Sky Atlantic – From early 2011, the brand new channel will provide an exclusive home to some of the most eagerly anticipated shows intelevision, including all of HBO’s new series such as the already critically acclaimed Boardwalk Empire and the forthcoming Game of Thrones, Luck and Tremé. Sky Atlantic will also be the exclusive home of Mad Men from 2011”.

Click here to read the Sky press release in full.


Bravo and Channel One to close

Bravo and Channel One will cease broadcasting on all platforms soon as Sky want to concentrate on their other channels.

Sky recently acquired Bravo, Virgin1, Living and the other channels in the Virgin Media TV group from Virgin Media. The group of channels is now known as the Living TV Group. Sky quickly renamed Virgin1 to Channel One as they didn’t buy the Virgin branding rights.

The Guardian reports “it was decided that Channel One [snip] was too similar to Sky3… BSkyB intends to “redeploy” the channels’ programming, with pay-TV shows moving to other Sky channels and free-to-air fare mostly moving to Sky3″.

Channel One will be replaced by Challenge on the Freeview platform.

Sky’s acquisition of the Virgin Media TV group of channels was cleared by The Office Of Fair Trading this week.

A precise date for the closure of Bravo and Channel One is yet to be announced.

Bravo and Channel One