CNN rumoured to launch on Freeview 16th January

The rumoured launch date for CNN International on Freeview is the 16th January, as it looks likely Nuts TV will close down on Sky and Freeview on the 15th January. CNN International looks set to air from 9pm-1am on Freeview as this will use the same timeslot Nuts TV currently uses. However, the channel called “GEMSTV1” could leave Freeview which would free up 7pm-9pm as well – meaning CNN could run from 7pm through to 1am every night. It’s rumoured CNN International might actually have a 24 hour slot on Freeview, but this hasn’t been clarified by anyone yet. More news on CNN’s Freeview launch as we get it.

NetPlay TV channel Super Casino now available

Super Casino – the NetPlay TV channel – is now available on Freeview channel 48. The channel available 24 hours a day. Super Casino was originally restricted to only broadcasting on Nuts TV (channel 42). Nuts TV closes down later this month to be replaced with CNN International.

CNN International to replace Nuts TV early 2009

Nuts TV will closedown on the Freeview platform in early 2009 and will be replaced by CNN International. Nuts TV will become a dedicated broadband and mobile service so will no longer be on Freeview. CNN International will air between 9pm and 1am on Freeview to allow audiences to watch CNN’s European primetime shows. No channel number has been given for CNN International yet. So that means there are at least two channel launches in 2009 planned at the moment – these will be the new channel from Discovery (which will probably replace Bid TV on Freeview) and CNN International (replacing Nuts TV).

The Jewellery Channel ceases broadcasting on Freeview

The Jewellery Channel on Freeview channel 44 has ceased broadcasting. It had been available on Freeview for the past six months. Channel 44 is now just a placeholder. It’s not known what (if anything) will replace the channel. One popular view is that Nuts TV could take the additional space and start broadcasting at 7pm every evening. The Jewellery Channel remains broadcasting as normal on other platforms and is also available on Five US in the mornings.