Bid Shopping channels cease broadcasting

Bid ShoppingBid Shopping (sit-up TV) have gone into administration.

Their two shopping channels Shop At Bid and Price Drop have ceased broadcasting as of yesterday, Thursday 17th April.

Bid was rebranded as Shop At Bid last month but this wasn’t enough to save the company.

Retail Week reports “KPMG has been appointed administrator to the company… it will cease to trade with immediate effect, making 229 redundancies” and that KPMG says the collapse is due to “a significant and unexpected” fall in sales over the last month.

It’s not yet clear what will happen with the two Freeview slots the channels used to occupy, but they will likely be put back up for public sale.

Bid TV, Price-Drop TV and Speed Auction TV

The Sit-Up group of channels have been rebranded.

All three channels have removed their “TV” suffixes so the channels are now called Bid, Price Drop and Speed Auction.

Sit-Up Channels

Price-Drop TV coming back to Freeview

Price-Drop TV is coming back to Freeview. It has been announced on Bid TV that Price-Drop TV will return to Freeview on channel 43 soon. Price-Drop TV was removed from Freeview to make way for Virgin 1 to go 24 hours, but it’s thought there is now some space on the Russia Today / Big Deal stream.

Update: It’s been revealed it will be back on Freeview from the 27th August.

New channel Quest added and Price-Drop TV removed

The new channel from Discovery called Quest now has a placeholder on the Freeview EPG at channel 47. It’s not known yet what date Quest will start broadcasting from as the programme information just says “coming soon”. The channel may not stay at channel 47 but this is to be confirmed at a later date.

Also, Price-Drop TV (which used to be on channel 24) has been removed from Freeview. Price-Drop TV’s owners Sit-Up were outbid on one of its channel slots earlier this year and decided to remove Price-Drop TV from the Freeview platform (it continues to broadcast on cable and Sky).

Price Drop TV to leave Freeview in January

It has been announced that Price Drop TV – the shopping channel – will leave the Freeview platform in early January. Their Freeview contract will expire on the 5th January and they will not be renewing it. Price Drop TV’s sister channel Bid TV will remain on Freeview. Sit-Up – owners of Bid TV and Price Drop TV – was outbid on one of its channel slots earlier this year but they have been mulling over their options since then to decide what to do. They have decided to remove Price Drop TV from Freeview. Price Drop TV will continue on other platforms such as Virgin Media and Sky.