Today’s channel launches & closures

There have been several changes to the Virgin Media TV lineup today:

– ITV2 +1 has launched on channel 116 (in TV pack M)
– ITV3 +1 has launched on channel 174 (in TV pack M)
– ITV4 +1 has launched on channel 175 (in TV pack M)
– Quest has launched on channel 179 (in TV pack M)
– Cartoonito has launched on channel 706 (in TV pack L)
– Military History has launched on channel 236 (in TV pack XL)
– Cartoon Network Too has moved from channel 732 to channel 705
– Animal Planet +1 has been removed from channel 216
– History +1 has been removed from channel 235 in areas that used to have it
– Men & Motors has been removed from channel 280

Quest launching 30th September

Quest – the new channel from Discovery – will finally be launching on Freeview after the initial May 2009 launch was pulled merely minutes before it was due to start broadcasts.

The official Quest website says it’s coming to Freeview this autumn. Discovery have confirmed to Broadcast Now that the channel will launch on the 30th September.

The original launch was delayed because of a “number of commercial factors” – let’s see if this new September launch will go according to plan.

Quest launch postponed

In a surprise decision, Discovery had to postpone the launch of their new channel Quest, which was due to launch on Freeview today.

A message was posted up on the official Quest website at 10am this morning says “Regrettably we have made the decision to postpone the launch of Quest. Due to a number of commercial factors we have had to make this difficult decision. We did not make this decision lightly and we are working towards launching Quest in the near future. We would like to apologise wholeheartedly to any of you that have been looking forward to this launch”.

More news as we get it.

Quest broadcast hours cut

Quest – the new channel from Discovery – is no longer going to be on air 24 hours a day. According to news website Broadcast, Quest will now be available from 10am to midnight. The midnight to 10am timeslot will be sold off to a third-party. Quest launches on Freeview on the 14th May. At the moment Quest has only be confirmed for launch on Freeview and no other platform.

Quest to launch on 14th May

Quest (the new channel from Discovery) will launch on the 14th May at 10am. The channel will be available on Freeview channel 47 and will air the best of its entertainment, lifestyle and factual programmes from other Discovery channels. Quest is exclusive to Freeview at the moment, but this may change as they are in talks with other platforms (such as Virgin Media) to get the channel added there. A basic official website is now available at

New channel Quest added and Price-Drop TV removed

The new channel from Discovery called Quest now has a placeholder on the Freeview EPG at channel 47. It’s not known yet what date Quest will start broadcasting from as the programme information just says “coming soon”. The channel may not stay at channel 47 but this is to be confirmed at a later date.

Also, Price-Drop TV (which used to be on channel 24) has been removed from Freeview. Price-Drop TV’s owners Sit-Up were outbid on one of its channel slots earlier this year and decided to remove Price-Drop TV from the Freeview platform (it continues to broadcast on cable and Sky).