Freeview changes coming this week

The September reshuffle will take place on Freeview this Wednesday (19th September):

– Yesterday moves from channel 12 to 19
– GOLD moves from channel 17 to 20
– Dave moves from channel 19 to 12
– Really moves from channel 20 to 17
– Food Network moves from channel 49 to 48
– Argos TV launches on channel 55
– Jewellery Channel moves from channel 60 to 49
– Text channels will be given an allocation of channels 200 to 299

You may need to retune your set top box or digital TV to continue receiving all of your Freeview channels.

Really to launch on Freeview this August

UKTV-owned lifestyle channel Really will make its Freeview debut on the 2nd August.

The channel – currently only available on Sky and Virgin Media – will be on Freeview channel 20 between 8am GMT and 2am GMT daily.

Really will replace Dave timeshift channel Dave Ja Vu on Freeview.

Dave Ja Vu will continue to broadcast as normal on other TV platforms.


UKTV Gardens now Really

UKTV Gardens has rebranded today to become Really. Really can be found on Virgin Media channel 267 and Sky channel 248. Gardening content that used to appear on UKTV Gardens before it was rebranded will shift across to Home (formerly UKTV Style). The only remaining UKTV-prefixed channel to be rebranded is UKTV Food, which will change its name to Good Food on Monday 22nd June.

Click here for the official Really website.

Really logo

More UKTV rebrands confirmed

Following on from the successful rebrands of many of UKTV’s other channels, UKTV Style will soon be rebranded as Home and UKTV Gardens will become Really. The UKTV Style rebrand to Home will come on the 30th April and the UKTV Gardens rebrand to Really will happen on the 19th May.

Brand Republic reports “Home will only focus on homes and gardening-related programming… gardening content that was previously on UKTV Gardens will be absorbed into Home” and Really will have “a range of programming such as The Baby Borrowers and Farm of Fussy Eaters”.

UKTV Style is available on Virgin Media, Sky and Top Up TV. UKTV Gardens is available on Virgin Media and Sky.

Following the UKTV Style and UKTV Gardens rebrand, there will just be one “UKTV” pre-fixed channel name remaining – UKTV Food. UKTV Food is expected to rebrand soon. UKTV’s online service UKTV Homes is also expected to change its name soon.