Sky Movies Superheroes now available

Sky Movies Greats has been temporarily rebranded as Sky Movies Superheroes for the rest of the summer.

From the 17th August to the 1st September the channel will air nothing but superhero movies.

Sky Movies calls this rebrand “a pop-up channel”.

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Sky Movies

Sky Movies Disney has launched

Sky Movies Disney has launched this week as a replacement to the recently-closed Disney Cinemagic.

The new channel launched on the 28th March on Sky channel 305 and on Virgin Media.

Other changes that came into effect this week were the closure of Sky Movies Classics, the renaming of Sky Movies Modern Greats to Sky Movies Greats and Sky Movies Indie became Sky Movies Select.

Sky Movies Disney

Changes to Sky Movies this month

There will be several changes to the Sky Movies lineup this month in addition to the launch of the new Sky Movies Disney channel.

Sky Movies Modern Greats will be renamed to Sky Movies Greats and a new channel called Sky Select will replace Sky Movies Indie & Sky Classics (merging content from those two channels onto this new Select channel).

Full changes to the Sky EPG:

Sky channel 304 – Sky Movies Greats HD
Sky channel 305 – Sky Movies Disney HD
Sky channel 307 – Sky Movies Action & Adventure HD
Sky channel 308 – Sky Movies Comedy HD
Sky channel 309 – Sky Movies Crime & Thriller HD
Sky channel 310 – Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD
Sky channel 311 – Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror HD
Sky channel 312 – Sky Movies Select HD

Non-HD customers will get the standard definition versions on the same numbers above.

Sky Movies

Sky Movies Disney to launch this March

Following the recent announcement that Disney Cinemagic will be closing in March, it has now been announced a new Sky Movies channel will launch showing almost identical programming.

Sky Movies Disney will launch on the 28th March and will air nothing but Disney films, like its Cinemagic predecessor.

In the official press release Sky say “Launching in time for the Easter holidays on 28th March 2013, Sky Movies Disney will show recent hits including Brave, Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings and Wreck-It Ralph in their first pay TV window. Future releases that will be available include Oz: The Great and Powerful, Monsters University and The Lone Ranger. The new movies will be available on Sky Movies Disney from around six months after they have ended their run in cinemas and will be exclusive to Sky Movies for at least a year. Alongside new releases, Sky Movies Disney will also offer an extensive library of classic Disney films, including Bambi and Pinocchio, as well as Disney/Pixar animated favourites such as Finding Nemo, Cars and A Bug’s Life. Live action titles such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and National Treasure will also be available”.

Read the press release in full.

Sky Movies Disney

Sky Movies 007 HD coming this October

Sky Movies are launching a dedicated James Bond channel in October.

Rights to all 007 films have recently been acquired by Sky Movies – they say “for the first time in history all 22 James Bond fillms will be available in HD, without commercial breaks and in one place – Sky Movies HD”.

Sky have confirmed on Twitter that Sky Movies 007 HD will be a temporary rebrand of Sky Movies Showcase HD from 5th October – following the channel’s other temporary “season” rebrands as Sky Movies Summer HD and Sky Movies Christmas HD.

The director of Sky Movies Ian Lewis says “The Bond movies are a very special franchise and we want to ensure that our customers to be able to experience it in a way they’ve never been able to before, and so we’re going to create a dedicated channel SKY MOVIES 007 HD devoted entirely to James Bond showing the entire catalogue of films and loads of extra material”.

All James Bond films will also be available on Anytime+, Sky Go and Now TV (Sky’s new IPTV service).

Click here for more details on the official Sky Movies website.

Sky Movies 007 HD

Sky Movies Christmas and Christmas 24 close this week

Sky Movies Christmas rebrands back to Sky Movies Showcase today (3rd January) on Sky channels 303 and 332.

Christmas 24 and Christmas 24 +1 will rebrand back to Movies 24 and Movies 24 + tomorrow (4th January) on Sky channels 327 and 328.

Sky Movies Movies 24

Sky Movies Showcase rebrands for Christmas

Sky Movies Showcase has rebranded as the Sky Movies Christmas Channel.

After December it will revert back to its normal Sky Movies Showcase name.

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Sky Movies Christmas Channel

Sky Movies Christmas returns 1st December

Sky Movies Christmas will launch as a temporary Sky Movies channel for this year’s festive season – like it did last Christmas. The channel will consist entirely of Christmas films.

Sky Movies Showcase will be rebranded as Sky Movies Christmas on Wednesday 1st December.

Sky Movies Showcase HD will be rebranded as Sky Movies Christmas HD.

They will be rebranded back to Sky Movies Showcase and Sky Movies Showcase HD after the Christmas period.

Sky Movies

Sky Sports HD and Sky Movies HD now available

Sky Sports HD and Sky Movies HD channels are now available to Virgin Media customers for the first time. The launch comes after Ofcom told Sky they needed to offer their channels more fairly.

Sky Sports HD 1 is on channel 517 and Sky Sports HD 2 is on channel 518.

Sky Movies HD Premiere is on channel 431, Sky Movies HD Showcase is on channel 433, Sky Movies HD Comedy is on channel 434, Sky Movies HD Action & Adventure is on channel 435, Sky Movies HD Family is on channel 436, Sky Movies HD Crime & Thriller is on channel 437, Sky Movies HD Drama & Romance is on channel 438, Sky Movies HD Sci-Fi & Horror is on channel 439, Sky Movies HD Modern Greats is on channel 440 and Sky Movies HD Indie is on channel 442.

The Sky Premium HD bundle is available which costs £7 a month (per set top box) for all of the above channels.

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